Clean and disinfect your home after the festive holiday season
Now that the festive holiday season is over, you may feel like you finally have some time to relax. But that’s when you’re faced with after-holiday cleaning. With any family gatherings, holiday guests and the merriment, comes the mess and the ensuing task of cleaning up your home. You need
water restoration after flood
Has your home suffered water damage or a water-related disaster recently? Then you need to determine the category of water loss at the earliest. Water damage is a very serious situation and water damage emergencies can be traumatic. If left unchecked, water damage has the potential to wreak havoc in
Meth screening helps protect your property and health
Meth manufacturing and meth use in Australia is a very real and growing problem. Meth affects and destroys the lives of those involved. It also devalues homes and properties.  Meth contamination has no real odour and is an invisible contaminant. Hence it is difficult for most people to know of
Stay protected from COVID-19 at workplaces
The current Covid-19 pandemic is an on-going source of uncertainty and anxiety for many people. Most countries are proactively tackling the Coronavirus by ensuring people get vaccinated against it, follow strict social guideline and maintain good hygiene. Families and businesses are working towards getting back to normal life. With all
Fire odours and Smoke odours are invisible threats
Most persistent odours can be damaging to the health of your family. They can also be embarrassing and very unpleasant. Smoke and odour particles are particularly dangerous as they can continue to be airborne many days after an incident has occurred. When faced with bad odours in your home, contacting
Who is at an increased risk of suicide
In Australia, suicide is the leading cause of death among persons aged between 15 to 49 years. Every year approximately 3,000 Australians end their lives, which is an average of about 8 people a day. This is more than persons dying on the roads each year. Statistics also show that

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