Safe handling and disposal of sharps and syringes
Sharps are defined as any object that can puncture or penetrate the skin. Inoculation is done with the use of needles and syringes, scalpels, scissors, forceps, similar sharp items. The utility of sharps and syringes presents a possibility for cuts, bruises & puncture wounds. If safe handling and disposal is
Dealing with Mould Growth

Dealing with Mould Growth

Pic credit: flickr Mould is a type of fungal growth that develops on wet or damp materials. Mould causes biodegradation of natural materials like leather and wood. This can cause severe damage to property and can pose serious health risks. Mould removal is a pesky problem frequently faced by those
Professional cleaning and disinfection necessitate using appropriate PPE
Anything used or worn by a person or worker to minimise the risk to their health and safety, especially at their job can be classified as Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.  Due to the recent pandemic, personal protective equipment or PPE has been used more prominently, mostly in health care
Professional Biohazard Cleanup - Why and When It Is Required
Biohazard, which is short for biological hazard, refers to any substance or organism posing a threat to an individual or its environment, be it, microbes, viruses, toxins or any such substance. Biohazard cleaning, also called biohazard remediation, deals with cleanup, sanitisation and de-odourisation of a place. Understanding what are biohazards.

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