Unattended Death Cleanup

Bearing witness to an unfortunate event like an unattended death is overwhelming. And when the person was close to you it can be emotionally difficult to say the least. In such painful times, the last thing any family member or a friend wants to do is handle the cleanup. The best thing to do is to contact a reliable and professional cleaning company like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd who can take charge of the unattended death cleanup.

We clean, disinfect, deodorise and restore homes in the most discreet and compassionate way. Our certified technicians make sure the site is restored to its original condition in the least amount of time.

An unattended death could involve discharge of great amounts of blood and bodily fluids resulting in strong odours. This could present an unsafe situation for anyone on site. In such situations, where there’s decomposition, a professional team should be left in charge of the cleanup. Our experts are equipped with latest techniques, right machinery and specialised disinfectant cleaners to handle the cleanup. No matter the complexity of the situation, we will ensure nothing unsafe is left behind and that the place is restored to your expectations.

An unattended death cleanup job is one of the most challenging jobs we take on, but we take satisfaction in our ability to help restore even unimaginable situations to a safe condition. Our unattended death cleanup services cover residential, commercial, public and other spaces affected by decomposition.

Please do not put yourself in harm’s way by attempting an unattended cleanup on your own. One should not step into the area of decomposition without wearing protective gear. Blood and bodily fluids contain dangerous pathogens that can spread diseases, putting one’s life in danger.