Vehicle Decontamination

Whether a crime was committed in your vehicle, an accident has occurred, or someone was ill in it, a biohazard cleaning and a vehicle decontamination should be done on a priority basis. Methamphetamine contamination in a vehicle can also be a cause for concern. This is due to the fact that meth use is a rising social problem and meth residue can be found in any type of vehicle. In all such cases, let a professional vehicle decontamination company handle the remediation. They can remove odour causing bacteria and pathogens that originate from a variety of different sources. Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd is a leader in vehicle decontamination and can offer cost-effective solutions to salvage the vehicle.

Decontamination of any vehicle remaining on or exiting a site involving a biohazard incident may be required as part of a biosecurity emergency operation/plan.  Vehicle decontamination requires a more thorough cleaning than other regular surfaces due to small spaces and crevices that must all be sanitised. The method of vehicle decontamination, including type of detergent/disinfectant applied, and level of decontamination required should be based on a risk assessment.

The vehicle decontamination specialists at Bio Hazard Services employ a thorough, multi-step approach to ensure all vehicle surfaces are free of biohazards. They are well trained and experienced in the procedures with regard to assessing, preparing and decontamination of the vehicle. Any vehicle decontamination job done by our technicians meet site biosecurity and all safety requirements. Wearing standard PPE, using approved chemicals during the decontamination process, the right cleaning equipment as well as collection of decontamination waste is strictly adhered to, thus preventing any cross contamination and the transmission of any disease.

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd can manage the vehicle decontamination and removal of other possibly infectious materials from luxury vehicles, privately owned family cars, public transportation, prisoner and patient transport or even business fleet vehicles. We maintain the integrity and confidentiality of our customers.

Our vehicle decontamination technicians are on hand to assist you. Contact us on 0490439319. Avail of our 24/7 services in all Metro and Regional locations NSW-wide.