Meth Screening

The manufacture and use of methamphetamine has become a wide spread public health issue in Australian communities. According to statistics, the number of lab seizures by law enforcement increases each year. Meth labs are often clandestine and can turn up in the most of common places. It is therefore vital to have a professional meth screening / meth testing done to ensure your property is free from harmful meth residues.

A property meth contamination is a result of smoking or manufacture of meth in the premises. Meth contamination can happen in any type of residential/commercial/storage property or even in motor vehicles. Besides abandoned or vacant structures, meth labs can turn up in houses, apartments, motels/hotels, storage units, shipping containers, campers/caravans, etc. In most cases, any room/place can be turned into a meth lab with a little improvising. As a property owner – you should consider doing a meth screening/meth testing between tenants, pre-purchasing or pre-sales. As a homeowner – do you suspect any family members are using meth/ice? It is important to have a meth testing and meth remediation done for the health and well-being of all occupants. 

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd specialists can help out if you are faced with a meth contamination situation. Our trained and accredited specialists can carry out a standard meth screening of the property for meth contamination. We provide a Certificate of Analysis / Report after each onsite inspection. Based on the level of meth contamination, we work along with the property owner to provide a cost-effective meth decontamination strategy / Remedial Action Plan (RAP). Once a job is successfully completed, we provide a final contamination clearance certification.