Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup is referred to as cleanup of blood, smoke, meth, or any other potentially infectious materials from the crime scenes. Most crime scenes have drastic blood spills, discharge of bodily fluids, meth contamination, etc. Unfortunately, after a violent crime or suicide, it is the responsibility of the family members or property owners to have the site cleaned and decontaminated.

If you have encountered any such recent criminal event or trauma like suicide, or accidental death in your property, you may need professionals like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd to help with the cleanup. Our crime scene cleanup crew is highly trained and experienced in handling a crime scene cleanup with compassion and care. No matter the complexity of the situation, they ensure no trace of blood, body fluids, or chemical residue is left behind and the site/property is restored to your expectations.

Attempting to handle a crime scene cleanup yourself will expose or subject you to various hazardous contaminants. Blood spills and bodily fluids carry dangerous blood-borne pathogens that can lead to diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc. Exposure to infectious materials could have serious consequences. To ensure everyone’s continued good health and safety; a crime scene cleanup is best left to experts like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd.

Our team is qualified and trained in handling the most drastic crime scene cleanup. Our professional crime scene cleanup service is available in Sydney, Blue Mountains, and Regional NSW. Call us on 0490439319 to know more.