Sharps and Syringes Cleanup

Sharps is a medical term for devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Sharps and syringes may be used regularly at home/work and even while traveling, to manage any medical condition of a person or their pets. The user should handle these hazardous items carefully and then ensure proper sharps and syringes cleanup and disposal of the waste. 

Has your property has been vandalized and broken glass scattered all over? Or have squatters and drug users misused a long vacant property, leaving behind a dangerous array of drug paraphernalia? Used and discarded sharps and syringes are often found in public areas like toilets or parks. Places where the homeless live and ineffectively secured vacant properties and abandoned places are also common dumping grounds for such sharps and syringes waste.

Importance of Sharps and Syringes Cleanup

The main risk associated with the pickup and removal of needles and syringes is needle pricks. Used needles may carry disease and viruses such as Hepatitis B and HIV. Getting infected after an accidental needle prick or a sharps cut can prove to be deadly or fatal. If not handled and disposed of correctly, used and discarded needles and sharps are extremely dangerous.

Any sightings of discarded needles or sharps should be reported immediately. A complete site clearance would be required before you consider any further use of the premises. When it comes to such a cleanup, the task is best left to the experts. Any sharps removal and syringes disposal should be carried out by trained professionals using the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment).

Bio Hazard Services Pty. Ltd. offers professional sharps and syringes cleanup service in Sydney, Blue Mountains and Regional NSW. Our specialised clearance teams are well trained to locate and safely remove any sharps and syringes. Bio Hazard Services can ensure the safe clearance and disposal of any dangerous sharps, syringes and other hazardous materials. We undertake a methodical process to ensure that every part of the affected area is thoroughly checked, decontaminated and effectively cleaned along with surrounding areas to eliminate any risk of infections. Ethical disposal of biohazardous waste is also one of our main features.