Mould Removal

Mould growing in homes, work places and other commercial areas is a common irritant. Mould is the most dangerous type of growth, posing serious health risks and causing huge property damage if left unattended. Instances like a pipe leak, water sipping through crevices in walls, items stored in dark and damp areas etc. can lead to mould growth.

Mould spores are present everywhere and can quickly spread within a span of 48 hours. Besides the damage to property, mould produces allergens. Exposure to mouldy environments can be a risk to one’s health especially for individuals with respiratory problems, causing allergic reactions.

Mould removal may seem like an easy do-it-yourself task, but not many are aware of the health risks involved in cleaning the area on their own. Besides merely wiping off the affected areas with a damp cloth, to prevent mould growth from recurring, a professional mould decontamination company may need to be called to take action. Professional cleaners like Bio Hazard Services Pty. Ltd. may also need to be called when the damage is extensive and cleaning it could be unsafe for the family.

Our team of mould decontamination experts follow a step-by-step procedure to decontaminate your mould infested property and make sure the problem does not persist. Affected areas are thoroughly inspected for contaminants, the source and extent of the damage is looked into and moisture and water is extracted. The area is later dried with the help of dehumidifiers and encapsulated to protect from future mould attacks.

Our mould removal technicians make use of specialised equipments to carry out the remediation process and have the right expertise to handle all types of mould situations. We also recommend mould prevention tips for our clients to help avoid future mould infestations. If you notice signs of mould growth in your home or commercial property, do not hesitate to call our team of professionals. Bio Hazard Services has experts who are always ready to help you and will restore your home to safety.