Industrial Accident Cleanup

Accidents at workplace can be quite stressful. Industrial accidents call for an urgency to clean and restore the workplace. Accidents can occur due to a trench collapse, injury or death while operating machinery or vehicles, electrocution, and drowning among others. Such tragic events can impact an entire factory or construction site, or can be small, contained and limited to a specific area. In the wake of a commercial accident there could be blood, bodily fluids, or chemical spills that need to be carefully removed from the site. If the cleaning is not done carefully and immediately, the situation could threaten the safety of your employees.

An industrial accident cleanup should never be attempted by a regular cleaner as it is an intricate process and needs adequate experience, knowledge and resources to ensure the  job is done right. Cleaning an industrial accident should only be handled by technicians who are certified, experienced and trained to remove biohazards. They should also be familiar with regulatory protocols like industrial lock out / tag out procedures.

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd has the right manpower to clean up an industrial accident. We offer professional industrial accident cleanups to businesses, factories, government organisations and medical facilities in Sydney, Blue Mountains and Regional NSW.

Our efficient biohazard restoration services help in ensuring minimal business interruption and quick restoration of business operations. Our technicians have the experience of cleanups in complex situations involving heavy machinery, vehicles, trucks, robotics, etc.

We clean, decontaminate, sanitise and deodorise the site using specialty treatments. We remove and dispose biological matter like blood and bodily fluids, ensuring no pathogens are left behind. We follow strict procedures to ensure the safety of technicians and employees when they resume work. We will restore the contaminated site to a safe work environment in the least amount of time so that your business is back in motion soon.

If your business or organisation has experienced an employee accident / injury / death, work place violence involving blood/bodily fluids / chemical spills or an outbreak, count on our industrial cleaning services. Bio Hazard Services is quick to responding to such situations.

Whether there’s a requirement for an industrial accident cleanup or biohazard remediation for a workplace incident, we are here to aid you in difficult times.