Blood Cleanup

Accidents or injuries that result in loss of blood can happen any moment. In such situations you would need a professional to handle the blood cleanup. Apart from blood there could be discharge of bodily fluids. Both of these can pose severe health risk to you and your family. To ensure everyone’s safety the blood cleanup is best left to professionals like Bio Hazard Services. Our cleaning crew undergoes intensive training in handling a blood cleanup with compassion and care. They ensure no trace of blood or body fluids is left. They remove all items that have been affected and dispose them in a proper manner.

Even if you think of attempting a blood cleanup yourself, think again! Blood spills and bodily fluids carry dangerous pathogens that can lead to an outbreak of diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B and C, etc. Exposure to these hazards could have serious consequences.

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd is expert in handling all blood cleanup situations. Our technicians are certified and experienced to clean blood spills and bodily fluids present on site. We follow industry best practices to clean, decontaminate, sanitise, deodorise and test to confirm that the affected area is free of pathogens and biological matter. We use speciality equipment and take necessary precautions to ensure our employees and customers are safe from biohazards.

When faced with a situation involving blood spills, it can be quite stressful to deal with. But when you have blood cleanup experts like Bio Hazard Services, you need not worry. Our diligent technicians will take care of the cleaning, decontamination, disinfection and restoration of the site for you. We take our work seriously and ensure no compromise on the quality of our services.