Specialised cleaning and decontamination is required for police vehicles and prison cells
Unsanitary or traumatic incidents can often occur in certain areas of law enforcement. These are areas where the risk of infection from exposure is high. Police cars, prisoner transport vehicles, custody areas, police holding cells, prisons and prison cells require specialist cleaning, decontamination and disinfection. Biohazards resulting from incidents in
Meth Labs, Meth Residue and Meth Decontamination
Pic credit: The use of methamphetamine remains widespread in Australia and is a critical issue. Meth affects the central nervous system and meth users experience intense feelings of euphoria. However, methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant. Some of the health risks are brain and heart damage and seizures. Besides
What are some of the most common types of hoarding
Hoarding is a disorder that drives people to compulsively and excessively gather items, with no regard for the item’s state, value or need. Hoarding could be a disorder on its own or it could also be a symptom of other mental disorders like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and depression. Hoarders are
Are you in an area of severe weather or flooding
Many parts of New South Wales are currently being impacted by severe weather and extensive flooding. Low lying grounds are saturated and river catchment areas have reached their capacity. This has led to several communities along the rivers being at risk of riverine flooding, flash flooding and landslides.  On-going severe
Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfection of your facility as Australia reopens
The Australian Government has recently commenced staged international border reopening. Australia also reopens to all fully vaccinated visa holders from 21 February 2022. Business travellers, tourists, and other visitors will soon be welcome to Australia as the economy heads towards recovery. Over the past two years, many businesses, facilities and
Clean and disinfect your home after the festive holiday season
Now that the festive holiday season is over, you may feel like you finally have some time to relax. But that’s when you’re faced with after-holiday cleaning. With any family gatherings, holiday guests and the merriment, comes the mess and the ensuing task of cleaning up your home. You need

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