What Category Is Your Water Damage After a Flood?

water restoration after flood

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Has your home suffered water damage or a water-related disaster recently? Then you need to determine the category of water loss at the earliest. Water damage is a very serious situation and water damage emergencies can be traumatic. If left unchecked, water damage has the potential to wreak havoc in a mere few hours. 

Identifying and understanding these water damage categories are important steps in beginning water damage restoration. You can then formulate a plan depending on the category and class of water loss and based on your home’s specific needs. It also helps you, as well as the restoration professional know exactly what precautions need to be taken at the site.

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Categories of Water Damage

The water loss category depends on its originating source and the level of contamination in the water. Not all water damage is the same and will not remain in the same category. As time passes, depending on how dirty it is, some water will become more contaminated. The water damage then falls under Category 3, which is the most dangerous.

All emergency services organisations classify water damage under these three 3 categories:

Category 1 Water Damage

Damage by water originating from any sanitary sources that do not contain contaminants or additives or that does not contact any other surface falls under Category 1 water damage. Exposure to this water does not pose a substantial risk. This includes exposure to skin (dermal), by drinking (ingestion), or ingestion (inhalation).
However, there is a danger that this water can quickly degrade into Category Two level water damage.

Examples of Category 1:


Broken or leaking faucets,
Broken or leaking toilet bowls and cisterns,
Broken water supply lines,
Appliance malfunctions involving these broken water supply lines,
Sink overflows,
Tub overflows,
Melting snow and ice,
Falling rainwater.

Category 2 Water Damage: Grey Water

Category 2 water damage occurs when water contains a significant level of contamination. This water, also known as Grey Water, if consumed or contacted by humans, has the potential to cause discomfort and sickness. Grey water can contain potentially unsafe levels of microorganisms. Category 2 water can also contain organic and inorganic matter – chemical or biological.

Examples of Category 2:


Discharge from dishwashers,
Discharge or overflow from washing machines,
Sink drains overflow,
Toilet bowls overflow with some urine only,
Seepage due to hydrostatic pressure,
Broken aquariums,
Punctured water beds,
Roof leakages where water passes through ceiling insulation and building materials.

Category 3 Water Damage: Black Water

Category 3 water damage is the most harmful as the water is grossly contaminated. Category 3 water is also called Black Water. Harmful agents like heavy metals, organic matter, pesticides, silt, toxic organic substances or regulated materials may be present in Black Water. These types of grossly unsanitary liquids contain harmful agents that are pathogenic and toxigenic. If ingested, Category 2 water can cause severe illness or death.

Examples of Category 3:


Sewage backup,
Toilet overflow contaminated with faeces,
Rising water and flooding from streams or rivers,
Flooding from weather-related events like tropical storms or wind-driven hurricanes,
Stagnant liquid that is laden with bacteria,
Toilet backflows originating from beyond the toilet traps,
Flooding from seawater,
Ground surface water,
Any contaminated water entering or affecting the indoor environment.

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Our trained and certified project managers and technicians are compassionate and discreet while working with homeowners during the entire restoration period. To ensure a smooth process of mitigation and restoration, we also work with their insurance companies.

After remediation, it may also be necessary to assess contamination levels, evaluate and ensure safety standards are achieved to ensure the home is ready to be occupied again.
Bio Hazard Services always sets high standards of service with an aim to restore your home to its pre-damaged state.

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