Clean and disinfect your home after the festive holiday season

Clean and disinfect your home after the festive holiday season
Clean and disinfect your home after the festive holiday season

Now that the festive holiday season is over, you may feel like you finally have some time to relax. But that’s when you’re faced with after-holiday cleaning. With any family gatherings, holiday guests and the merriment, comes the mess and the ensuing task of cleaning up your home. You need to make sure your family starts the New Year off on a sparkling clean foot. Besides cleaning up post-holidays, ensure your home is disinfected and sanitised, to protect your loved ones from any risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd has experienced and professional crew that can get everything clean, disinfected, fresh and safe for your family as you begin the New Year. To help you get started here are some basic, post-holiday cleaning tips.

Declutter your home after the holidays.

The New Year is also a great time to clear your home of excess or unwanted odd and ends. Look for anything that could be donated or thrown away.

Now that all the presents have been unwrapped and decorations brought down, it’s time to take stock of what you don’t need. Consider donating some new gifts that you won’t use, as well as older items that are worn out or haven’t been used in years.

If you have a live Christmas tree, find out when your trash pickup service is collecting Christmas trees from the curbside. If you have an artificial Christmas tree, check its best storage options depending on the type of tree and space available.

Pack and store away all holiday items and decorations carefully. You need to ensure avoiding any damage, moisture or pests affecting them for a full year.

Get rid of all unwanted gift wrapping – paper, bows and ribbons.

Food containers from parties should be returned to their original owners, donated or trashed.

Clean upholstery and furniture.

If you’ve hosted parties or family gatherings, your furniture will have been used to the maximum. You’ll have to clean all upholstery and furniture to give them a fresh look.

Vacuum carpets and area rugs to get the dust and dirt off. Brush them out with a rough brush to pull up hair.

Any spots and stains will have to be taken care of by stain removal professionals.

You may also need to consider getting some pet odour removal and pet urine removal done if you’ve had family and friends visiting with their pets. 

If you have antique carpets or oriental area rugs that need special care, call in the experts.

You can keep the fabrics in your living and entertaining spaces smelling pleasant by spraying diluted essential oils with scents like mint, lemon or fresh herbs on them before they are cleaned.

Time to deep clean your kitchen.

The festive season usually calls for a lot of baking – dozens of cakes, pies and cookies. Besides that, you’ve probably cooked for company and parties. It’s the perfect time to store away excess holiday food and clean out all your appliances.

The external parts of choppers, blenders, juicers, mixers, food processors and toasters could do with a once over too.

Appliances like your oven, stove top, dishwasher, microwave oven and range hood would need the interior and exterior cleaned.

While cleaning and sanitising countertops and other surfaces, don’t forget the interior and exterior of your cabinets and drawers.

Clean out the inside of your refrigerator and freezer. Nobody likes a kitchen with a smelly, messy fridge or freezer. Wipe down the fridge shelves with a paper towel or clean cloth using natural deodorising ingredients. A solution of 15ml of bicarbonate of soda and 1 litre of warm water works best.

Clean, sanitise and disinfect.

It may seem like a post-holiday clean is a pretty big job, especially if you have a large home. However, you don’t have to tackle the entire home at once. It’s all manageable if your go at it with a plan. Dividing it into a series of smaller tasks and delegating them also makes it a lot more achievable.

You may have loving family and friends whom you’re fond of. However flu, colds and other virus can linger and survive on surfaces long after your guests are gone. As part of your after-holiday cleaning schedule, it’s best to disinfect your home.

Guest bedroom linen should be laundered. Dressers, bedside tables and counter tops, and other common areas and surfaces should be given a once-over with disinfectant solution.

During the holiday season there’s a lot of traffic in your guest bathrooms, as well as powder rooms and half-baths. They are the first places that get covered with invisible germs, though you won’t actually notice it.  Wipe down the shower and tub. Clean the floors, mirrors, and surfaces in your bathrooms. Wash bath mats and rugs. Swap out guest towels.

Once you’ve cleaned, sanitised and disinfected your guest bedroom and guest bathroom, you’ll have them looking and feeling their best again.

Disinfect your home to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection.

As the world is still battling the Coronavirus with an emerging pathogen, you need to get your homes properly disinfected and safeguard your family.

Cleaning with a cloth or wiping in conjunction with a detergent, soap or solvent will remove visible dirt, dust and other soils from surfaces. Sanitising reduces the amount of bacteria on a surface to a safe level as judged by public health standards. Disinfecting inactivates and kills both the bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces. To stop the spread of germs and infection, disinfecting is one of the most reliable ways.

To ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfection should be done by a reputed and professional disinfection company.

Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd offers you specialised biohazard cleaning services.

At Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd, we provide high-quality and specialised cleaning service at an affordable price for homeowners and businesses.

Our range of services covers Covid-19 Cleaning, Biohazard Cleaning, Decontamination and Disinfection, Meth Cleaning and Restoration Services, and includes Odour Removal, Mould Removal, Faeces, Urine and Vomit Cleanup, and Sewage Cleanup.

Our experienced team of professionals prides themselves in maintaining the highest standards. We bring all of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to restore your home or business to a safe and healthy environment. Our experienced cleaning teams always wear appropriate PPE and use disinfectants which are on the EPA’s N-List.

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