Rely on experts for an industrial accident cleanup

Rely on experts for an industrial accident cleanup
Rely on experts for an industrial accident cleanup

Over the past several years, there have been many advances in industrial safety conditions. Serious workplace accidents are uncommon in most industries as these safety standards are strictly implemented. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any workplace, business or industrial property. After an industrial accident has occurred, the workplace has to be made safe for employees to work there again. Only highly trained and specialised professionals should handle the task of an industrial accident cleanup to clear the area of all bio-hazardous material. Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd has teams who know how to handle any type of cleanup situation that can arise in an industrial setting.

Most common forms of industrial accidents.

An industrial accident is an occurrence at an industrial establishment that causes bodily injury to an employee. It can also be large-scale accident that affects a wider range of people.

Industrial jobs have nowadays become more and more complex. With the sophistication and increase in mechanisation, electrification and chemicalisation of processes, this can at times lead to dangers to human life through accidents and injuries.

Some of the different types of industrial accidents are:

  • Slips and falls,
  • Fires and explosions,
  • Electrical accidents,
  • Chemical accidents or toxic chemical exposure,
  • Being struck by falling objects,
  • Being crushed by a collapsing structure,
  • Vehicular accidents,
  • Forklift/vehicle overturns,
  • Equipment rollovers,
  • Collisions/impact by heavy equipment or vehicles,
  • Being caught in equipment or machinery,
  • Injury by defective equipment or power tools,
  • Traumatic deaths,
  • Grievous bodily harm by another worker.
Industrial accidents can be and should be prevented.

Workers are at different levels of risk depending on the nature of their job and the industry they are in.

In industries like utilities, construction, forestry, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, transport or manufacturing, workers are often involved in dangerous work. Hence it underlines the need for and importance of industrial safety. 

The majority of industrial accidents can be prevented. Safety measures have to be implemented. Workers should have access to or be provided necessary training. They should be equipped with appropriate safety gear. Equipment, machinery and vehicles should undergo regular checks and maintenance. For the health and safety of all employees safety standards should be followed.

Workplace safety and employees health.

If an accident does take place, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the area is appropriately cleaned up.

It is most unlikely that the company’s regular workforce will include someone who is capable of handling a biohazard cleanup. Regular cleaners will not be able to manage sanitisation, disinfection and decontamination of the affected area properly. Besides that, they won’t have the necessary certification or experience to remove biohazards or cleanup blood that could contain blood-borne pathogens. Using standard cleaning products is also not sufficient to clean up and contain biohazardous material.

It is vital to ensure the safety of your employees and to make sure the work environment isn’t exposed to harmful biohazards. This is when you need professional industrial accident cleanup services.

Any industrial accident cleanup requires only trained professionals.

Cleaning and decontamination specialists are needed for any biohazard cleanup of an industrial accident cleanup. At Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd, we offer a range of specialised cleaning services that includes cleaning up and decontaminating after an industrial accident.

In situations involving contamination and biohazardous substances, time is the most crucial factor. Hence our teams work fast to contain the affected area as soon as possible. Our cleanup process includes removal and proper disposal of biohazardous waste to avoid any cross contamination. The next steps are decontaminating, disinfecting and sanitising the entire area.

Our cleaning teams will always come wearing approved PPE. All our professionals undergo comprehensive training and are highly experienced to handle any level of biohazard cleaning.

Our emergency specialised services are available 24/7 throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains, and all Metro and Regional locations NSW-wide. Contact us here or call us on 0490439319.