Odour Removal after the holidays.

Odour Removal after the holidays
Odour Removal after the holidays

The year-end and festive holidays must surely have been great – having all your loved ones visiting and spending time together. Even with the busy holiday time schedules, it can be fun and refreshing. Unfortunately, at the end of it, all manner of smells may have developed in your home. After the festive season’s cheer, gatherings and celebrations are over, it’s back to the reality of cleaning up a messy and smelly home! It could be the ideal time to get your house cleaned by Odour Removal professionals. Bio Hazard Services Pty. Ltd. has odour removal teams that work quickly and efficiently to remove toxic and harmful odours from your space.

Bad odours and Stinky House Syndrome.

Chances are that bad smells were slowly building up during the holidays, but you just couldn’t smell it. This is called nose blindness or olfactory fatigue.  Though the term may sound scary, this is not a medical disorder or illness, it is merely your brain’s way of preventing overstimulation. As your brain has already been receiving so much information during your holiday, it created natural filters to help prevent it from receiving too much. You essentially become nose blind, no longer being able to perceive some bad odours or scents. Nose blindness is an automatic and natural adaptation of your body that occurs. You may not even be aware that it’s happening most of the time.

What will stink up your house, right under your nose?

Though your own brain will weed out and filter the bad smells first, it could have been horrendous for your guests.  Here are some obvious offenders to keep in mind for the next holiday time.

Moisture, Mould and Mildewy odours

Moisture is one of the first culprits to bad odours permeating the house. Your home could have a musty and mildewy odour, especially if you live in humid or damp locations. Moisture can easily damage furniture, upholstery or soft materials. Wet corners in bathtubs, damp towels left lying around, leaking or broken pipes, water damage – these are some things that can create the mildewy odour. You can consider having a deep cleaning and a carpet cleaning done to eliminate the bad odours.  Water damage restoration specialists will be able to address and water damage related issues. With all the festive excitement going on, you may have even overlooked any mould growth. In which case, it’s best to immediately contact mould removal experts.

Pet odours

Most people want their pets to be a part of festive celebrations, be it special lunches and dinners or holiday photo memories. But along with even the cleanest of loving pets comes pet fur and associated pet smells. If the pet dog or cat hasn’t eaten all it’s pet dry food in one meal, the ingredients can develop a peculiarly stale odour. Pet litter boxes that may not be as clean as they should be can give off an offensive smell. Pet saliva slobbered onto their favourite chew toy can spread onto upholstery fabrics and carpeting. Pet urine odours can also be hard to tackle. Odour Removal experts can help eliminate any pet odours using effective pet friendly solutions.

Food odours

When it comes to food, any number of small things can start the stinky house syndrome. Lavish meals mean cooking with fragrant spices and oils. These can easily send droplets into the air that can land outside the kitchen, especially in open living concept homes. Food thrown in the garbage disposal but not cleared could clog up the system and lead to a backup. Left over scraps of snacks or sandwiches fallen on the carpet flooring or in between the couch cushioning can get stale and mouldy. Take away food packaging such as paper or plastic wrappers and Styrofoam trays thrown in the trash bin but left for days can give off bad odours if there are any food remnants in it. Odour removal specialists will not only get rid of the bad odours once and for all, but will also disinfect and deodorise the place.

Body odours

There could be no end to things affected by body odours that lead to a stinky house -from bedding or sheets that go unchanged, to smelly and sweaty socks, to unwashed undergarments and clothes with heavy perspiration or food odours, to sweaty shoes and more. All these are breeding grounds for bacteria that can linger in the air for much longer, even if most of these things are kept into the laundry room or hidden in the closet. Walking with wet or smelly feet over carpets will leave the bad body odour and dampness all over the carpeting. Odour removal crews know how to get rid of any lingering bad body odours in the house and restore freshness in no time.

Contact Bio Hazard Services for reliable Odour Removal Services.

Don’t wait any longer to get rid of persistent bad odours in your home. Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd is an IICRC accredited firm that can help with all your odour removal needs. Our odour removal specialists can tackle smoke odours, pet odours, and much more. During all odour elimination services, our cleaning crews use high-level technology and equipment. Backed by years of knowledge and experience, we can thoroughly remove bad odours and nasty smells from your home, office or any facility.

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