Get ready for a mould-free holiday season.

Get ready for a mould-free holiday season
Get ready for a mould-free holiday season

Christmas is fast approaching! The season of festivities and decorations, food and family time, get-togethers and gift-giving is just around the corner. Many people are counting down the days, eager to break out into holiday cheer. It’s an exciting time, but before it all, comes the daunting task of preparing the home. Exposure to damp, recent extreme wet weather and floods has led to mould growth and water damage in many properties. However, there is still enough time to identify the problems and have professional mould removal and water damage restoration done. Let experts like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd handle the toughest cleaning and remediation jobs.

Mould grows almost anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Mould is a living organism. It grows in everything and year-round. Mould grows and spreads quickly when it has the right conditions such as damp, excess water, humidity and moisture. Areas of the home that are not properly ventilated are also prone to mould infestation.

The festive season’s cleaning preparation should start with a thorough inspection of the entire property. Professional mould removal and water damage restoration experts always start with places where water from rain, floods, leaky pipes, damaged roofs or broken windows can accumulate.  They will carefully inspect ceilings, wall interiors, basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

Mould can damage any surfaces it grows on or come in contact with.

Mould growth and mildew can start to grow on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. Mould reproduces through spores that travel through the air, thus spreading to anything within its reach. Eventually mould destroys the material it grows on, then spreads and destroys any adjacent organic material.

As you go through your pre-Christmas cleaning checklist, decontaminate or remove any mould affected and water damaged items, upholstery and furniture. It may also be the perfect time to discard items that you’ve been hoarding unknowingly.

Mould will continue to grow unless the right steps are taken. It is important to identify and eliminate the source of moisture, and then effectively deal with the mould problem.

After all the water damage restoration, mould remediation and hoarding cleanup is done, you will have a much better looking home for the festive season.

Safeguarding your health against mould related infections is vital.

Respiratory exposure can cause infection from numerous species of mould. Persons who are at an increased risk for infection from mould are those who are immunosuppressed.

If you’re having family members and friends over during the festive season, you’ll want to ensure they are not affected by any presence of mould or mould spores in the air.

Exposure to mould spores may have an inflammatory effect in the respiratory system.  

Some of the prominent manifestations of mould allergy are hay fever symptoms and asthma exacerbations. Prolonged exposure to high levels of mould can produce hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Mould produces toxins, which when ingested can cause diseases. Aspergillus species of mould produces certain toxins called aflatoxin. Long term ingestion has been associated with hepatocellular cancer. Aflatoxicosis is caused by ingestion of high doses of aflatoxin in contaminated food. This can result in hepatic failure.

From young to old persons at home and holiday visitors, keeping your loved ones safe and healthy during the holidays should be your primary concern. After all, ‘‘tis the season to be jolly!’

Call in the experts to handle mould removal.

Mould infestation is one of the more dreaded problems affecting homes and properties. It is advisable to get a professional mould inspection done as soon as you suspect there is mould. When you contact a professional mould removal company like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd, the first step they will perform is a visual inspection. Not all mould contamination is easily visible.  Contamination may be in the ceiling or cavities. Our trained and experienced professionals are particularly well equipped for mould testing. They can identify the level of mould contamination and extent of water damage. Based on the results of the inspection, they can plan and implement mould removal and mould remediation activities.

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