Dealing with Mould Growth

Dealing with Mould Growth
Dealing with Mould Growth
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Mould is a type of fungal growth that develops on wet or damp materials. Mould causes biodegradation of natural materials like leather and wood. This can cause severe damage to property and can pose serious health risks. Mould removal is a pesky problem frequently faced by those who live in tropical regions, and poses a multitude of problems depending on the area covered by the fungal infestation. Mould spreads extremely fast on any physical surfaces, as well as through the air. As the airborne mould spores are invisible, you will require professionals with the right equipment to identify them. The affected areas have to be properly cleaned, decontaminated and all forms of unpleasant odours have to be removed from the buildings. When faced with mould growth in your premises, immediately call on experts like Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd to handle mould remediation.  

How mould growth develops.

Mould thrives in warm, humid regions and multiplies aggressively in the presence of moisture and dampness. There are several factors which contribute to mould infestation. In tropical regions, mould is commonly a result of the humid weather accompanied by rains, thunderstorms and floods. As a result of this, the prolonged stagnant water is an ideal condition to give rise to mould and  mould related damage. Even in the absence of such wet weather conditions, leaky pipes, damp basements and prolonged condensation in your house/office premises could give rise to mould. Mould spores spread within 48 hours. Mould will continue to grow unless the right steps are taken to eliminate the source of moisture, and effectively remediate the mould problem.

Mould damage and health risks.

Not only does the presence of mould give your house/work area a musty smell, but it is also a severe health risk for those with pre-existing respiratory illnesses. It may even trigger such early illnesses in children and infants.

Mould spores are toxic and if inhaled, can have long-term effects. The permanent damage that mould can cause to the health of the occupants should not be underestimated.

Apart from damaging the health of you and your loved ones, mould can also cause serious damage to your walls, furniture, electrical appliances, building structure and basements.

Basic mould removal tips:
  • As far as possible, use mould resisting building materials for your home/building.
  • Frequently check pipes for any leaks.
  • Don’t skip out on a thorough spring and winter cleaning which can help identify any mould growth.
  • Vacuum once a week.
  • Invest in an anti-microbial spray to prevent mould from coming back.
  • Invest in dehumidifiers.
  • Make a DIY Mould Test Kit by dabbing the affected wall area with a cotton swab of 1 part bleach for 16 parts water. If the area quickly lightens (or the spots keep coming back after cleaning), you can assume it is mould.
  • Invest in getting a professional Mould Testing done by a repu
  • If you find mould on your walls, DO NOT cover it with wallpaper or paint over it unless the area has been remedied.
  • If the area infested is greater than 1square metre, you should not handle the job yourself; call in for our experts at Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd. We are always here to help you restore your property.
Rely on the professionals to get rid of mould.

At Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd, our team of qualified technicians follow a step by step procedure, using specialised equipment and wearing the appropriate PPE. Our mould decontaminators are meticulous in their work and will ensure that your mould infested property is no longer mouldy and contaminated.

Our mould removal experts thoroughly inspect the affected areas for contaminants, identify the source of the mould infection and assess the extent of the damage caused. Mould removal is carried out by drying out the area with the help of industrial strength dehumidifiers and is systematically sealed to prevent another outbreak of mould.

Our technicians are well equipped to carry out the remediation process for all kinds of mould removal problems – big or small. Should you notice any signs of mould growth in your home or office do not hesitate to call on our team of professionals for help. You can also contact us when a biohazard cleaning is needed.

Protect your home and office from any further damage with our mould removal and decontamination services. Bio Hazard Services Pty Ltd offers mould removal services along with other services 24/7 in the areas of regional NSW, Blue Mountains and Sydney. Call us on 0490439319 or email us at