Meth Labs, Meth Residue and Meth Decontamination.

Meth Labs, Meth Residue and Meth Decontamination

The use of methamphetamine remains widespread in Australia and is a critical issue.

Meth affects the central nervous system and meth users experience intense feelings of euphoria. However, methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant. Some of the health risks are brain and heart damage and seizures. Besides the many severe health risks from meth use, it often results in death.

What is meth residue?

Meth residue is generated during meth production and meth use. During the meth cooking process or while smoking meth, it oxidises and changes into a vapour. It becomes a residue that can settle onto surfaces and gets absorbed into the structures of your home or property.

Meth residue is not easily distinguishable to your senses. Most people usually don’t realise they have a meth contamination problem until they fall ill.

Illegal meth labs.

The secretive nature and modern inventions of meth labs make it more difficult than ever before to identify meth labs.

The shake-and-bake method or the one-pot method for cooking meth is faster and takes up less space. In this method, rather than a lab, chemicals can be mixed even in a soda bottle. However, is very dangerous and carries a high failure rate and significant risk for poisoning, chemical burns and explosions.

Producing meth in home-based labs is also common. A home-based meth lab can be set up using common household chemicals and equipment. Meth labs can even be found in hotel or motel rooms and sheds or barns.

Mobile meth labs or rolling meth labs are also more and more on the rise. They area a transportable laboratory, used to produce methamphetamine illegally. Mobile meth labs often moved to secluded locations. There is not easy to detect the strong, toxic fumes of methamphetamine manufacture. It’s also easy to discard toxic meth manufacturing by-products.

Drug and meth labs screening.

Meth labs are toxic to the environment. Contamination from cooking meth is toxic as there are many harmful chemicals used in the process.

Meth residue and meth contamination in a home or property is not only harmful to life, but can also cause damage to the property and decrease its value.

If you suspect there is meth in your property, your first step is to hire a licensed professional to conduct a meth test. Meth cleaning teams follow specific protocols for screening and collecting samples.

Proper testing or screening when buying or selling a home, or renting a property is necessary.

Professional meth cleaning and meth decontamination is critical.

A meth lab clean-up is more than just a simple wiping down of areas, using regular detergents and cleaning methods. Rather than remove the meth, these steps will more than likely spread it around. Meth contamination requires proper and professional testing and clean-up.

One of the toughest jobs in the remediation space is a meth lab cleanup. Meth remediation experts are well qualified and have the experience to handle any level of meth contamination.

Meth removal professionals have to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid any potential meth exposure or cross contamination.

Meth decontamination teams always ensure using the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Once the meth cleaning process is complete, a final test should be conducted on the structure to verify that it has decreased contamination levels.

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